• At Quanta, we dedicate an entire department to innovation – to developing and applying new technologies. We expand the limits of audiovisual production, exhibition, and interaction with intelligent, customized solutions based on your particular needs. Together with you, we create new frontiers for entertainment.

  • Play in another dimension. That is what Hologate – a virtual arena distributed in South America exclusively by Quanta – allows you to do.
    Hologate has a presence in over 35 countries and is the market leader in virtual reality (VR) games. It has options for all ages – from grandparents to toddlers. It is an excellent solution for amusement parks, movie theaters, events, cruise ships and other entertainment centers.

  • We create customized systems, which we use to personalize the interaction between the various elements of an experience. From apps to immersive installations, and from conception to execution, we work to bring art and technology together in pursuit of the best solution for your public.

  • There are times when creation is a challenge. You can imagine the result, but you cannot see how to get there. At times like that, you can count on us. We develop personalized solutions for experiences that, until now, no one has ever imagined.

Virtual Production

ICVFXI | In-camrea VFX

We project digital images to extend the film set. This allows us to replace the chroma key with virtual environments, providing higher quality and allowing effects to be inserted during filming itself. 

These environments can be developed with plates or 3-D content, camera tracking, and real-time rendering. In either case, we integrate the content with the lighting system, so the entire production is in sync.